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Christine Demme

Trainer, Off Leash K9 Training, Savannah GA

Christine was raised in West Palm Beach Florida and has loved dogs from a very early age. She married her High School boyfriend, who chose to serve our country by joining the U.S. Navy. Over the last ten years, they have moved up and down the east coast as her husband was transferred to different Naval bases. He is now stationed in Savannah training young sailors.

During this time, Christine was busy working with dogs. She has been involved with grooming and training for 15 years. Including working with difficult dogs that others could not handle. Her love of Pit Bull Dogs has driven her to help the breed by adopting and training difficult cases. Her oldest is Kairi, a Pit Bull mixed with Hound. Kairi is 13 years old and enjoys a relaxed life. Next came Sancho, an American Staffordshire Terrier. He was abandoned around one year of age and came with a number of issues, including human and dog aggression. Training Sancho was Christine’s first experience with OLK9. She went to the original OLK9 location where Sancho completed the Aggressive Dog Program. Sancho is now 4 years old and if you ever get to meet this big guy, you will not believe he came very close to being euthanized. He is a true lover of attention and absolutely beautiful. Next came Willoughby a young blue and white Pit Bull that was given the name Chompers by the shelter staff because of his hyper play and biting. This led Christine to gain even more experience with OLK9 while helping Willoughby. Another very successful rescue!

Now that her and her husband have purchased a house in Savannah, Christine has decided to become a full time dog trainer with OLK9. We are very happy she is with us! Her experience, drive, heart and love of dogs is truly as asset for our company and the community.